Chapter 22 Credits

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Many individuals have assisted over the years by contributing ideas from their own teaching practices. They are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Melody Bowdon
  • Oana Cimpean
  • Tace Crouse
  • Kenyon Daniel
  • Sara Friedman
  • Gail Grabowsky
  • Jace Hargis
  • Amanda Helip-Wooley
  • Vicki Lavendol
  • Eric Main
  • Emad Mansour
  • Lianna McGowan
  • Sommer Mitchell
  • Alison Morrison-Shetlar
  • Christina Partin
  • Kingsley Reeves
  • Kenyatta Rivers
  • Erin Saitta
  • Anna Turner
  • Nicole West

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