Chapter 8 Authorized “Cheating” on In-Class Quizzes

Note: this stresses practice over summative assessment; term grading schemes should be adjusted to avoid undue grade inflation

8.1 Free Time with Notes

Near the end of the quizzing period, give the students a specific time frame (e.g., 30 seconds) to glance silently at their own notes—this encourages effective note-taking for the future.

8.2 Thy Neighbor’s Notes

Students silently trade notes with a partner and can only use THOSE notes to cheat from (in the final seconds of allowable time).

8.3 Thy Neighbor’s Brain

Students are given some precious seconds to talk to each other, usually done WITHOUT allowing them to access notes. Variation: force the conversations to be in whispers only.

8.4 No Talking!

Students are given a specific time frame to literally compare answers with neighbors. The catch is, the entire experience must be 100% silent—no talking or noises. Gestures and light touching to gain attention are allowed.